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Materialized Design Christmas Tree | InovaDomus Exhibition Stand

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Create an element in the AveiroDOMUS House Project booth at the Fair, which demonstrated the cooperative work between members, including their identities and enhancing their innovative capacity.

Taking as an inspiration the Christmas season, it was opted the integration of the associated members products as a raw material for the construction of a Christmas tree. It was intended by the shape and materials used to create a new concept of this Christmas symbol. However, when it came to implementation, there was a delay in the availability of material, so it was necessary to adjust inventories to the project. To overcome this setback, washers were inserted between the blades that served as spacers, keeping the ratio of the object and maintaining it as close as possible to the desired look. A concrete block (Somague), forms the basis, which received a motor (Somague) inside, to make the tree to run when someone approaches the motion sensor (EFAPEL). The structure itself is made of Aluminium (Extrusal), and at the end of the "branches" were placed mortar balls (Weber), lamps (EEE) as decorative elements and commands (EFAPEL) that control the elements that make up the tree.

Henrique Cunha

Henrique Cunha