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The InovaDomus project began in April 2005. Through a cooperation network, different companies and the University of Aveiro share knowledge and technology contributing to regional and national competitiveness in the habitat field. The Association promotes the House of the Future’s Program. Its main goal is the project and construction of a futuristic house. The primary intention was to build a house that could be continually updated, that can be an exhibitor for the products, a laboratory study to the University and a catalogue of trends for the visitors. With a total value of € 4,000,000.00, it was the goal of the project to pose conceptual and formal challenges to respond to the demands for flexibility in the building. It should allow redefining "infinitely" its typology, changing rooms, walls or windows without any construction work, or even allowing its dynamic adaptation to the requirements of any place, always having a strong concern for the environment by optimizing all the resources.

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Besides an effective team of 10 elements that ensured the execution of the different parts of the project, 19 companies were involved and 13 Departments of the University of Aveiro, comprising more than 150 people. In order to accomplish the specifications, 23 teams were created (sub-projects), each studying and recommending what could be more innovative in its integrated area. The team management and the sub-projects coordination was under my direct supervision. The technical documents produced by each team, that included all the specifications necessary for the construction of the first version of the House of the Future, had four stages of development, thus allowing teams to discuss among themselves and develop the best solutions.

House of the Future Innovation Centre | Universidade de Aveiro - Portugal

Henrique Cunha

Henrique Cunha

Henrique Cunha